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Area Rugs

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Area rugs finishes come in a variety of options to fit any style and budget. From traditional to modern, synthetic to wool materials, and various sizes and shapes, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Consider the room's decor, style, and desired texture when designing an area rug.  We offer an extensive collection of materials to create your custom new area rug to fit your room. 

Our fabricators can use narrow or wide binding, serging, fringe or leather to finish the edges. Remember to have us apply a backing such as premium felt or non-skid material or select a loose padding as an underlayment to protect your installed floors and provide the functionality you need for your new area rug.

What is Carpet Binding?

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Binding is a fabric that is stitched along the perimeter of carpet to protect the edges from fraying or unravelling and accentuates the finish of the carpet. It provides a stylish, finished look and is available in a large array of colors to complement your selected carpet.  Binding is available in many fabrics such as polyester, cotton and linen and many widths from 1.25” up to 5” wide.  Remember that the width of the binding is the total width and roughly half of the width will be visible on the top of the carpet.

What is Carpet Serging?

Carpet Serging is a fabric that is stitched along the perimeter of carpet to protect the edges from fraying or unravelling and accentuates the finish of the carpet. It provides a continual stitch that looks handcrafted and is often found on traditional area rugs.  Serging yarn is available in many colors and several fabrics such as cotton or wool. Ask our associates to shown you the various options to pick the perfect finish to your area rug.

How do I Select the Best Edge Color?

Once you have selected the finished edge, it is time to select the color.  You can choose from various options that will blend with your carpet.  Blending the edge material will provide a subtle look that finishes the area rug.  Our associates can also assist in suggesting the closest color to blend with your area rug.

Many clients select a contrasting color for a one-of-a-kind look that allows the border to outline or frame the area rug.  The choice is yours. 

Please keep in mind that colors will be unique to each type of edging material and some materials will offer a larger color palette to select from.

Which backing is best for my area rug?

Applied backings  

Premium Felt is a protective felt that is applied to the back of the area rug to provide protection to the floor under the rug.  It is soft and durable but we recommend that felt be used when weight is placed on top of the area rug such as furniture. 

Non-Skid Backing can be applied to the back of the area rug to prevent the material from moving and to protect the floor under the rug.  It is suggested for use under smaller area rugs, runners, door mats and any other area rug that does not have weight on top to prevent it from moving.


Rug Hold is a reversible padding that can be used over hard surface and carpet.  Place the non-skid side down on hard surface flooring and the padding provides excellent slip resistance.  Place the fiber side down on carpet and the padding provides resistance to area rugs moving over carpet.  It can be cut to fit and provides excellent durability and comfort underfoot.

Fibertouch is a cushioned padding option for use under area rugs over hard surface.  It is a firm yet comfortable option that can be cut to fit for any area rug application.  Fibertouch does not provide slip resistance and should only be used when there will be weight on top of the area rug to prevent movement.

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